of january and journaling

For a while now, I’ve wanted to start blogging again. The last time I kept a blog up-to-date (meaning, I posted every day) was back in 2010/2011, when I was living in the Middle East, by myself, for the most part. That was exciting, so it was worthy of the scope of the Internet.

Since then, life has quieted down. Well, not in my eyes, but probably in the eyes of the world. For me, life feels like it has just begun! I am newly married, but not so newly that I can’t say I got married last year – <insert wild enthusiasm and buoyant facial expressions>.

I reflected for a while on whether or not I had anything worthwhile to write about, and perhaps I don’t, but writing is my creative outlet. I can’t draw or compose music – the written word on the electronic or literal page is my art. And so, in order not to lose myself in my busy life, I need to write it down. Besides, I’ll probably want to read all about my first year of marriage when I get to twenty-five or forty or seventy-two, or something equally sage.

I did a count recently, just for my own curious purposes, and it looks like Joshua & I have had over 116 people come through our home at various times since we’ve been married. That’s less than three months! I think we should have a party when the number of people surpasses the square footage of this apartment. It’s really not surprising we’ve had that many – rather a bit surprising it isn’t more, as we both have such a heart for hospitality. I will admit that I have discovered that sometimes I like the *idea* of having a party of having people for dinner, etc., more than I actually end up enjoying the time with them. Other times, the event itself far surpasses my initial imagination of what it would be like.

Now I’m rambling.

So since I’ve been married almost three months, I’m going to do a few short posts on funny or interesting things that happened previously, to catch up on where I am now. Stay tuned.


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