what’s in a name?

For years, my family and I have referred to our home as The Residence. I don’t remember how it started, but it’s on invitations and emails now – it’s official.

My sister and her husband tried, unsuccessfully, to name their first apartment “Villa Bartos”, a name which had little to do with the tiny crackerbox they called home, and sounded much too aristocratic for an apartment off Albemarle Road. Rather, her siblings (including myself) dubbed it “The Toaster”. It was a bit of a take on their last name, as well as a perfect fit for the size.

Joshua and I discussed naming our apartment. I wanted it to have to do with birds, because my sister called me bluJ on Twitter. We thought about “The Birdcage” (too imprisoning?) and “The Birds’ Nest” (too feminine?). We looked up synonyms and suchwhat.

I settled on “The Snuggery”.

Joshua said no.

And so we named it “The Roost”, and it seems to have stuck.


P.S. – my sister and brother-in-law have since moved to a new home on Lauren Street, which they have named “Laurenburg”. Even though a burg refers to a small village, we have acquiesced to their wishes. Perhaps they are planning on becoming a small village themselves.


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