to park and to walk

Ever since I returned from Israel, where I walked everywhere, I have enjoyed parking at a decent distance from my final destination and walking the remainder. Meaning, I’ll voluntarily choose a parking spot at the far end of the parking lot, just because I like the walk. In fact, that habit helped grow my friendship with a guy…

…who is now my husband.

So, you can see it has added benefits. <grin>

Anyway, I went up to SouthPark to take advantage of Earth Fare‘s amazing offer of free brie. ?! Who doesn’t want free cheese? Since I had some spare time, I decided to peek into Barnes & Nobel and windowshop a bit. Seems like everyone and their brother had the same idea, because all the parking spots were taken. Then I remembered how much I like to park & walk, so I parked at one of the nearby stores and walked a few extra feet. No big.

After that, I went over to Earth Fare, which was a more considerable distance away. It was delightfully cold and rainy, too (probably why everyone wanted to go to the bookstore – don’t bookstores make rainy days that much better?). When I got to the checkout with my free cheese, it turned out that I could also use my coupon for a free 24-pack of bottled water, which I thoughtlessly went ahead and got. Who turns down something when it’s free, right?

As I lugged it out of the store, I remembered where I had parked.


I got my workout for today, let me tell you! I’m looking forward to that conchita tonight…


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