Last night, my sister and her fiance hosted an egg-poaching party. Does that sound odd? Who wants to poach eggs at a party, right? Well, we did.

Her fiance, a gem of a guy named Isaac, learned how to poach eggs the REAL way while working at what I had previously considered to be a restaurant closer to the bottom of the totem pole than the top. But any restaurant that’s putting out real poached eggs during the lunch rush obviously has class.

Watching poached eggs poach has got to be one of the most magical experiences. The strands of white enveloping that perfect sphere of yellow are like the finest of silks, waving gently in the watery breeze. Here I am waxing eloquent about eggs – you know they had to be amazing. When removed from the boiling depths, they look like glistening white clouds. Oh. My. Goodness.

That, plus the roasted vegetables we served with them (parsnips, brussels sprouts, and kale chips) and some hot mustard…! Isaac & Christine are doing this Whole30 challenge through the month of January. Actually, so are my other sister and her husband (Gregory & Morgan). So…no grains, no legumes, no sugars, no nothing. Lots and lots of VEGETABLES. 🙂 Joshua and I are not doing anything of the sort (did you happen to catch the post on bagels?).

So anyway, now I know (in my head, at least) how to really poach an egg. I almost feel like trying it right now in my own kitchen. For dinner.


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