the mice play, part the first

Joshua and I offered to take care of his younger brother (a 12-year-old) while his parents went on their annual anniversary getaway. It seemed like an appropriate thing to do, so that they wouldn’t have to make other arrangements with friends, as they had done in the past. Plans were made, and before we knew it, we were scheduled for a six day “babysitting” + housesitting opportunity.

I say opportunity because this is, in truth, a golden opportunity for us. Looking into the near future and hoping for a family of our own, the dad-practice and mom-practice we’re going to get this week will be worth a lot. Not to mention the fact that we get to stay in Joshua’s parents’ house, which is at least four times the size of our little apartment. AND they just renovated their bathroom and have a shower the size of our bedroom (almost). I feel like I may have mentioned this already, but it should be mentioned again.

And so, this morning at 7:30, we arrived to receive the keys to the kingdom and see off the ‘rents. It has felt so odd, living for the day in this enormous house, taking a power nap on my husband’s bed in his old bedroom, interacting more than I ever have with my 12-year-old brother-in-law. It puts a smile on my face, and I’m having fun – so is Joshua. I guess we’re excited about being parents one day, and playing the roles this week is going to be a blast.

We’re hosting a Superbowl party tonight, complete with nachos, chili, and salsa. This is something I have never done, not ever. I grew up with no TV, I’m not into sports, and my mother hates the smell of cumin. So that’s a big no, no, and no on the Superbowl. Friends of ours introduced us to the concept of watching the one big game each year, and I enjoy it. I freely admit that I mostly watch for the commercials (and sometimes half-time, if it’s not too raunchy). We have a few friends coming to pop a beer with us – and yes, we did ask permission to host a party here before the parents left. We are those children.

My mother-in-law, as previously mentioned, keeps a well-stocked home, in all areas, not just food. So to me, this kind of feels like a semi-, pseudo-, quasi-vacation at some suburban resort. They even have a jacuzzi tub.



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