the mice play, part the sixth


It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t tedious, it wasn’t boring, it wasn’t stressful. But I’ll admit that I’m glad it’s over.

There really is something about home – whoever said that thing about there being no place like it had a good point. This little, 650-square-foot space feels better to me than the huge, beautiful house with it’s huge, beautiful shower and huge, beautiful kitchen. My tiny little pantry cabinet makes me feel more secure than the double-width pantry plus two freezers plus two refrigerators of my in-laws. I’m not saying it wasn’t a good time. It certainly was, and it felt like a mini vacation, too! But vacations need to end so that we appreciate them.

My husband’s parents were very happy with the way things looked and stuff when they arrived. <sigh of relief> I’ve never seen some one more overjoyed to see his family than my brother-in-law. I guess I’m not that much like his mom. <wink>


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