of unity and uteri

I had a delightful conversation with my aunt this week on babies and birth. No, I’m not pregnant – let’s go ahead and get that out in the open before you start flying away with your assumptions.

However, my husband and I are discussing children, family, raising kids, different birthing options, etc. One of the big questions we had was where to have a baby – at a hospital, at a birthing center, or at home.

The hospital was, I believe, Joshua’s top choice, because he’s a very precautionary man, and also experienced a lot of medical issues as a baby. Not that giving birth in a hospital would prevent problems with a new child, but just in case there were to be something serious, we’d be right there with professionals.

But the maternity rider on our health insurance plan proved prohibitively expensive. So that ruled out Option #1, giving birth in a hospital.

The other two choices both sounded fine to me – I’ve been intrigued with home birth for a while, and my sister used the only birthing center in the area, down in Fort Mill, SC, for her pregnancy and delivery last year. I do have to say that both Joshua and I were a little disappointed with the way her labor and delivery were handled by the midwives at the center, though. My sister labored for a full 24 hours before having to be transferred to a hospital, where they drugged her up, let her sleep for a few hours, and then unwrapped the cord from the baby’s neck to help with a smooth and successful delivery. I’m not sure why the midwives allowed her to keep pushing and changing positions and pushing again, for 24 hours, when it was almost impossible to get the baby out without killing it.

So. We have our reservations about the birthing center, although it may have just been a problem with my sister’s midwife, who is [interestingly enough] no longer with the center.

Anyway, my aunt has successfully delivered most of her seven children at home, in her bathtub. Even the latest addition, who was 12 pounds and got stuck, was born in the bathroom, and had to be tugged out by hand.

My aunt laid out a pretty excellent case for having children at home. The cost is also a lifesaver. My aunt was highly informative about procedures and supplies and making things as comfortable as possible. She’s so knowledgeable, I walked away relaxed and feeling absolutely ready to take this on.

Amazingly enough, after relating the conversation to Joshua, so was he! So it looks like we’re 100% planning on a home birth, whenever that eventually happens. I know it’s probably funny to be talking about the delivery of an as-yet unconceived child, but hey. Always prepared, right?


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