sing me a song

It would be remiss of me not to post on the incredible performance of Les Miserables my husband and I had the privilege of attending Sunday night.

We had seen the advertisements and bought the tickets (this is the actual show, not the movie I’m talking about) before we even got married – Joshua estimates sometime in September. That was a long time ago! My younger sister and I had been working our way through the book, and Joshua and I saw the new movie together on New Year’s Day. The live performance was rather like the end-all of our Les Mis experiences, the apex.

And wow, was it good!

I was particularly impressed with how some of the more dynamic parts of the story were handled, like the battle at the barricades and Javerre’s suicide. Everything was so realistic and believable, it was easy to get caught up in the story. I did actually prefer Peter Lockyer’s dulcet tones over Hugh Jackman’s – it was just smoother and richer. And while I liked Genevieve Leclerc’s sweetly powerful voice ever so slightly better than Anne Hathaway’s, I believe Anne delivered a better Fantine.

I haven’t finished the book, but the cinematic and stage renditions of the Thenardiers really bothers me. Is that really how Hugo wrote them? I have to think not. I know they’re grasping, twisted, and even downright evil, but the movie and the stage production portray them as the crude comic relief, and the fact that most of America seems to appreciate that is enough to turn my stomach. How far we’ve fallen.

Regardless, the show was spectacular, and one I would love to see again in the future. My in-laws have seen it on Broadway – what a treat that must have been. (!) One day, maybe…

On a slightly different note, but still tying nicely into Sunday, Lulu dine | wine is a most excellent restaurant, although slightly pricey, and I do not care for Lion bars. Somebody let a Twix go stale and wrapped it in purple.


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