time spent

Every Sunday afternoon, my husband and I walk into downtown Matthews together. Sometimes it’s quick, barely reaching the corner of Trade and Matthews Station, and other times we stroll past Stumptown Park or turn onto John.

We started this in late January, and I think we’ve done it every Sunday since then except for the one when we were babysitting Joshua’s brother. Every time, G-d has blessed us with an exceptionally lovely day, crisp, with a slight breeze. My kind of weather.

Joshua and I both learned to love to walk while living in Jerusalem. Now we walk the governmentally correct, leveled sidewalks of America together.

I look forward to Sundays so much, just for the chance to hold my husband’s hand and talk about nothing in particular as we wait for the Green Man walk sign (or have they switched to white around here? Seems like it…). As we walked past Kristopher’s this past Sunday, Joshua mentioned that his coworkers rave about the beer and pie they serve there. Odd combination.

We almost always walk down Matthews Station Street and end up looking wistfully at the Thai First menu posted on their window. They’re always closed on Sundays, but we look anyway. We have been waiting eagerly for the grand openings of the Carolina Beer Temple and the Royal Cafe & Creperie, respectively, and enjoyed being some of the first to support our new local eatery last week (see the post on the creperie). One Sunday I took Joshua down to North Ames to peek into the windows of the little art gallery where my sister has some paintings for sale (TAG).

A few times, we’ve brainstormed epic business ideas for the future on our walks. I think it’s the American dream to go into business centering around something about which you are passionate. For me that’s food, and for Joshua that would be someplace he could use his uncanny powers of analysis and love of great detail. Oh, the plans we’ve made. Oh, the places we’ll go. Someday.

On the way back to our house, Joshua always insists we practice a bit of our Hebrew, to keep the dust off. I suppose that when you have a close friend (or spouse, in this case) who speaks the same second language as you do, you should take advantage of that.

Doing a lot of walking on my own makes me exponentially grateful for the chance to walk with someone else – especially Joshua. There’s just nothing like walking with your favorite person in the world.


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