three days

Around this time of year, you may be thinking I’m about to expound on the burial and resurrection of the Messiah or somesuch religiosity. I am not.

Rather, I’m going to tell you about our very first houseguest, who stayed with us 3.5 days.

She was quite a pleasant young woman, with her quirks and oddities, both of which I was more than willing to accept. She came, loudly proclaiming her adherence to a gluten-free and lactose-intolerant lifestyle, and then went on to enjoy butter at every meal and an eggroll out to dinner on Saturday night. I hadn’t thought of applauding my mother and sisters for their firm lines on gluten-free eating until I encountered this young woman’s moveable boundaries and elastic will. Very interesting.

She was the friend of a friend, and our mutual friend was getting married last Sunday – hence the advent of this female. So not only did we experience our first houseguest, but it was also a perfect stranger. I do love meeting new people.

Our couch is, we are very grateful, a pullout couch! However, our small apartment is basically two rooms – the kitchen/dining room/living room, and our bedroom. There is also one bathroom. This means that my husband and I are either in our bedroom, or we are in our guest’s bedroom. (!) One afternoon my husband and I were hanging out in our kitchen chatting about plans and stuff when our guest traipsed out of the bathroom in a small towel, looking for her clothes. My husband made a speedy retreat to the bedroom and holed himself up in there until everyone was appropriately attired.

On Monday morning, the only regular work morning she stayed with us, I confidently strode out into the kitchen, having warned our guest of the early morning and early breakfast that would be taking place. She was apparently still asleep, and stayed in a drowsy, bedclothes state, tucked away beneath the covers, for the entirety of my preparations and the breakfast my husband and I shared. We spoke in low, hushed tones, and it was a bit awkward.

You understand that the visit, overall, was quite nice, and we were definitely glad we had done it. I’m just giving you the funny, odd stories so that we can laugh together. Joshua and I agreed that we were so happy we could help our newly-wedded friend in this way, and we now have an invitation to stay with our guest, should we ever travel up to New Jersey.

All is well that ends well.


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