the future, when we look back

I want my grandchildren to reminisce about me along these lines:

“[insert adorable term of endearment used to refer to me, their grandmother] was a lovely woman, so peaceful and relaxed – always a joy to be around. She never spoke badly of anyone.”

“She and [insert respectfully cute term of endearment used to refer to Joshua, their grandfather] had the absolute best marriage!”

“She may not have always looked totally put together, but she always had a big smile and smelled slightly like banana bread.”

“She could read and tell such interesting stories! Who would have thought our family was so much fun?!”

“I made my first loaf of challah bread with her. She had the best recipe ever – that’s a family heirloom now.”

It may be odd to you that I’m thinking about my own grandchildren’s future eulogies of me, when I am 24 and am not pregnant. But, I don’t know…this just popped into my mind this past week. Every choice we make today and every word we speak is how future generations will learn to remember us. So how will they remember you? I want to live now the way I want to be remembered – it’s only logical.


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