the hands of the clock

Today marks six full months since my wedding day. Isn’t it amazing how time flies by? One week from today, my little sister is getting married, and I remember thinking at my own wedding how far off hers seemed. Well, now it’s here. And so is the six-month milestone for Joshua and I.

Here are some highlights:

  • Our absolutely incredible honeymoon in Paris, France, about which I did not post, since I wasn’t blogging at the time. But perhaps soon I will mention some things I want to remember.
  • Our first Thanksgiving, celebrated with my family one night, and with Joshua’s family the next. I’m already looking forward to the year I get to have people over and cook my own turkey!
  • Helping people move as a couple. It’s different than helping people move as a part of my large and closely-knit family. After helping one family move into their house, Joshua and I went home for a grilled cheese party, which was such fun.
  • My sister Christine’s engagement party! And look – now they’re getting married!
  • Our first Chanukah, celebrated in many places and in many ways. That was also the first time one of us got really sick (me), and we got to discover how each of us reacts to those things. True colors show in times of illness, I say.
  • My beloved grandfather turned 75 years old, and we all drove down to surprise him for his birthday – a 10+ hour car ride! I was so, so happy Joshua could be there for it, since it was tough to get the time off from work.
  • Our first New Year’s as a married couple! I got my first midnight kiss, which is something that the romantic in me has always wanted. We had quite the time dealing with the drunks and crazies uptown afterward, but it was a blast, all the same.
  • A friend of ours was in a bad accident, and we got to respond as a couple, which was really special. We helped coordinate bringing meals, and when we brought ours over, we stayed and ate with our friend. Joshua is a highly compassionate person and excellent conversationalist, so all I had to do was prepare the meal and ready it for eating – we felt like such a perfect pair!
  • We got to housesit for Joshua’s parents during their anniversary getaway, as well as take care of his younger brother. I’ve posted on how that was good preparation for one day being parents ourselves. It also gave me a glimpse of what it’s like to have a big house! 🙂
  • Our first Purim together – we went as newlyweds from a courthouse wedding. There is really only one time in your life you’re allowed to pull that off without looking like a cop-out.
  • Our amazing Chicago trip at the beginning of March! Enough said. I’ve posted extensively.
  • Our first houseguest! That was a huge checkmark in my book. Not even six months married and we had someone stay with us!? We come from hospitable stock, and we’ve been watching my sister and her husband open their doors, hearths, and hearts to friends from all over the place. We were thrilled to be able to follow in their steps in this small way.
  • We attended our first wedding together as a married couple. It’s different when you’re married!
  • Our first Pesach (Passover) together. Again, one night with my family, one night with Joshua’s. And to top it off, Gregory & Morgan announced their expectations of a new child joining them later this year! So exciting!

And here we are, life moving at breakneck speed toward my sister’s wedding and Joshua’s brother’s wedding, both coming up next week (Thursday and Sunday)!

Life is very, very good and I am quite happy.

And today I noticed that a small feathered couple is building their nest right outside my window, in the crook of our gutter. It seems so apropos. 🙂


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