the wonderful view

My beautiful sister, Morgan, is once again glowing and growing with a tiny life within. With a due date toward the end of September, she was able just yesterday to answer the big question – boy or girl.

Actually, all five siblings with spice (plural of spouse) were in attendance at the sonogram, along with our mom and Morgan’s eldest, Sophia (now just 1 year old). We stuffed ourselves into the tiny, dark room with the large, friendly women who did the sonogram, and watched in utter awe as the figure of a little baby became outlined on the screen. The legs, arms, stomach and head. The itty-bitty heart pumping away at 154bpm. The foot no bigger than a PEZ candy. The ear and the fingers and toes. I can’t believe how much detail we can see at 17 weeks! The sonogram woman said that by this point, pretty much everything is there – it just need to grow and some meat needs to be put on the bones.

I’m so excited about becoming an aunt twice over in only a few months! Hopefully, Morgan’s labor will be simpler and easier than last time. Either way, prayers are ascending all around for a healthy, beautiful baby come September.


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