the calendar

Today (or, actually, Thursday) starts the big wedding week! I mentioned in a previous post that my little sister is getting married this Thursday. So that means that the seven days prior to her big day will be filled with fun activities. For instance, on Thursday, we had her rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The dinner was at Brio in SouthPark – such a lovely restaurant!

My sister Christine gave her fiance a hot-air-balloon ride for a wedding gift. It’s yet future, so she presented it in her own unique and artsy way (of course). She handcrafted a little basket with thick crafting twine, attached a little sign that said, “Just Married”, and put two little figures inside. She then attached the whole thing to an enormous orange balloon and had it float peacefully off the dinner table before Isaac’s entranced eyes. It was the most adorable and impressive presentation I’ve ever seen.

Friday, my parents invited Christine’s two married siblings (Morgan and I) + husbands and children to join the family for Christine’s final Shabbat meal as a single woman. Christine and Isaac are following the difficult, but rewarding, tradition of not seeing each other until the wedding day, beginning one week in advance. All 10.5 of us (two parents, five children, two husbands, one granddaughter, and one granddaughter in utero) were in attendance for Christine’s last Erev Shabbat, and stayed up as a family and talked and laughed until 10:30pm, which is quite the stretch for us early risers.

Saturday, I had the privilege of hosting Christine, my two other sisters, and my niece(s) in The Roost for some sister-to-sister bonding time, a prayer service, and a light lunch. I love having a home to open! Spending time with my sister, especially right before one of the most momentous events of her life, was truly special.

And today, we’re pounding her pantry, so to speak, by all going together to the grocery store and picking up some of the basics. The more the merrier, right? This while her husband-to-be enjoys his conservative bachelor party at the shooting range. 🙂 Must keep the bride’s mind off the groom.


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