bells and whistles

My little sister got married yesterday! It’s been a long time in coming, as she and her now-husband have been working toward marriage for a while, but at the same time, I can’t say “finally”, because I wasn’t really affected by the natural angst, stress, and pressure pertaining to the wedding itself. Not living in the same house definitely leads to being completely out of the loop.

So Christine and Isaac tied the knot at the lovely River Run Country Club in Davidson, NC. I actually checked out that venue for myself last year, but ended up going with Brakefield at Riverwalk, which was more me. Christine was hoping for no rain, and the heavily overcast skies did, indeed, hold back for all of the ceremony AND the reception. (!) What a blessing! And, at the same time, they do say that having rain on your wedding day is a blessing, too, so I guess it goes both ways. In this case, Christine and Isaac’s outdoor wedding benefited from the lack of raindrops.

Highlights of the day (for me) included:

  • watching Christine cry when she read our wedding card
  • joking with my father-in-law about being nervous about performing the ceremony (this is his sixth or seventh wedding – no sweat)
  • chatting and catching up with everyone there
  • catching Christine’s grin and wink for her groom on her way down the aisle
  • watching my husband take part in the ceremony (he read the ketubah)
  • seeing Isaac *sing* the Aaronic benediction under his chuppah over his new bride for the very first time
  • listening to my brother pound out jazz piano tunes on request during the reception
  • hearing my grandfather’s sober, but loving, toast to the new couple
  • being one of the last people Christine hugged on her way into the limo
  • not tripping on my high heels all day!

Congratulations, Isaac & Christine! This is the beginning of the rest of your life [together]!


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