more bells and more whistles

This weekend, my husband and I took a trip out to Tennessee to witness and partake in the wedding of Joshua’s brother, Jeremiah. Yes, unbelievably enough, my sister and brother-in-law planned weddings within four days of each other. In different states.

We stayed in a large lake house with Joshua’s parents, the groom, the grandmothers, and Joshua’s brother Judah, not to mention Jeremiah’s two groomsmen (Air Force buddies from the far reaches of the nation). Actually, that was just on Friday evening, when we arrived. Throughout Saturday, people continued to arrive – more family and more Air Force buddies and more friends. The whole thing crescendoed into a grand culmination on Sunday afternoon.

Fortunately, Jeremiah and Katelyn had planned an indoor ceremony, as it rained steadily, non-stop, for all of Saturday and some of Sunday. Blue skies peeped through during their wedding, and it started to rain as they hopped into their getaway car. I don’t know why I make such a point of describing the weather on the wedding days, but I guess it was such a huge consideration for Christine’s wedding, I feel that it should not go unmentioned.

Highlights of the day for me:

  • having my brother and three other cool guys there for the wedding, not to mention to save the day (more on that in a different post)
  • attending the guestbook (a tree, which people thumbprinted and signed), thus enabling me to meet just about everyone
  • walking down the aisle once again, but this time on my husband’s arm, and without my blue heels
  • trying to comfort Joshua’s maternal grandmother as she gradually melted into a puddle during the wedding
  • dancing the generational dance with Joshua
  • watching Joshua’s cousin, also named Julianna, dance with her father during the father/daughter dance
  • catching up with people I hadn’t seen in a while, or hadn’t gotten to really talk to in a while
  • listening to my ultra-literate husband give the most incredible best-man toast, finishing with a rousing rendition of Eshet Chayil (Proverbs 31), for which he was joined by some other great men
  • talking with my husband for the entire 7.75 hours it took us to get home (no judging – that included a stop for dinner)

The wedding was a very traditional Christian wedding with all the fixings – not exactly my style. But I think it’s what the groom & bride wanted, more or less, and they both appeared ecstatic to be married, which is most important. So congratulations, Jeremiah & Katelyn!!


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