things official

My husband and I attended his brother’s commissioning into the U.S. Air Force this morning. Why they would schedule it smack in the middle of a Friday morning (don’t these people work?!), I don’t know. But Joshua got a few hours off, and we drove up to take part. Joshua was asked to slide some kind of band onto a shirt epaulette, or something.

The commissioning was something akin to a college graduation. There were three speeches of varying lengths before we even got to the first cadet’s pinning and pledging. The room was dead silent, unless someone was talking or dropping the frogs from the pins they were trying to pin on. All the officers who spoke kept trying to tell us to breathe and relax and that this was “the fun stuff”, but somehow that vibe wasn’t translating to the audience.

Joshua and I were mystified as to how the Air Force had determined the order of the cadets and their individual ceremonies. In the program, the ten people were listed in alphabetical order by last name. However, they were called up 1st, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 8th, and then 6th (which was Joshua’s brother (Jeremiah), after which we left, so I don’t know who came next). This was not in alphabetical order by last OR first name, nor was it by height, weight, or race. Obviously, rank had no bearing, as all ten were being commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants. It was quite odd. I almost always arrange things in alphabetical order, so the logic of this choice did not translate to me.

Anyway, regardless of the plodding ceremony or quirky order, we are very, very proud of Jeremiah’s accomplishment. It was an honor to be a part and a spectator of this milestone marker in his life.


5 thoughts on “things official

  1. Having attended a dozen or more of these patriotic affairs – and participated in one myself, I was a little surprised that the oft-lauded cadre had not instructed their cadets regarding the “prep” their family members would need regarding the “pinning” specifics or that these newly commissioned officer should drop his/her salute BEFORE the non-commissioned officer does. However, all that aside, I am extraordinarily proud of the young men and woman that chose to serve our country in our military. May the Holy One, blessed is He, prevent them from being ordered to take up arms against their own countrymen.

    I did notice a distractingly lovely photographer at the venue.


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