new times

I had lunch with my brother-in-law’s wife today. I don’t think that’s technically a sister-in-law. My sister-in-law would be MY brother’s wife. Or my husband’s sister, but that will never happen. I will only ever have one true sister-in-law, and I’m sure she’ll be the sister-in-law to end all sister-in-laws. She’d better be, if she’s marrying my brother (right, Peter?).

I’ve known Katelyn for eleven years in June. I never found that we had much in common, although we certainly got along just great. We took piano lessons from the same teacher, we went to each other’s birthday parties, we played Laser Tag together, we did a homekeeping course together, and we even scheduled a meetup across the ocean, when she was in Italy and I was in Israel. Our paths diverged when she left for Bryan College four years ago, but the distance may have helped our relationship – we kept up a little, and I did go stay with her once in her dorm.

And now, unbelievably enough, we have married into the same family. We have married brothers. Brothers who, on the surface, are absolute diametric opposites. Brothers who, at the core, are actually oddly similar. And so it turns out that Katelyn and I also have our similarities – we are both, for instance, quite sarcastic, which is something our husbands find difficult to grasp and deal with (sarcasm was always a symptom of internal turmoil in their home).

Our lunch was filled with stories and laughter, as well as Katelyn’s full and complete plan for training me to run a half-marathon. We do still have our disimilarities…


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