on time

Why is it that people are obsessed with immortality? Why did Juan Ponce de Leon spend his life searching for the Fountain of Youth? Why are people still trying to figure out how to time travel and space travel and somehow live forever?

As Sarah Brightman puts it, “Who wants to live forever?

And you know where all this has gotten us?

I’d like to say nowhere, but that’s not true. It’s gotten women around the world addicted to skincare lines and botox to try to look younger, since they know it’s not possible for them to actually stay young forever.

That’s just not how I view life. For me, it’s all about getting older. Or, rather, growing older. Life is all about growth.


3 thoughts on “on time

  1. So true! This stems right onto the problem of obsession with appearance that the entire world has – not just women. I am of the belief that what goes in inside is utterly reflected on the outside – so if things aren’t looking so great you might want to check yourself, right?

    • I agree, to a degree, but I think the trap into which a lot of people fall is that they don’t think “things are looking so great”, when in fact, things are just fine. Their expectations are too high, or they’re too critical of themselves, or they just don’t like laugh lines! Stuff like that.

      But on the other hand, yes, I do think that some inner problems can surface to the body, causing appearance issues.

  2. There are people in this world so self-centered they would love to live forever, at whatever expense. A lot of times they have the money, too. With the advances in medicine, the time is already here where the rich can afford to literally buy years of life. Think about where that can lead.

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