things impending

I read a little about the tornado in Oklahoma City, and it occurred to me that my brother-in-law and his wife are set to move to the Air Force base in Enid, just about 1.5 hours away from Oklahoma City, at the end of this year.

It always brings things home more when you know someone. Like when I came home from Israel after living there for a few months, and heard about an explosion at the Central Bus Station – a place to and from which I had walked many, many times. I immediately had to check on my dear friends in Jerusalem, to make sure all of them had made it through the attack ok.

Or when you’re young and you hear about the twin towers being hit by planes in New York, and your child mind wonders if the relatives you have in Rochester are going to be ok, or if the towers may have fallen on them, too.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone could feel like they had a loved one in the midst of these things, even if they didn’t? That sounds callous, but what I mean is, people would genuinely care so much more. Then maybe the government wouldn’t feel like they needed to take care of rebuilding and relief efforts and suchwhat, because the people would do it themselves.

Like Gary Vaynerchuk says in Chapter 9 of his his bestselling book, Crush It!, “CARE.”


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