small pleasures

I had the privilege of babysitting my little niece, Sophia, yesterday. She’s an adorable little bundle of joy with what is becoming a toothy grin and big, blue eyes.

Morgan (her mother, my sister) had instructed me to give her a bath when she got up from her nap. This is probably shocking, but I haven’t bathed a baby in years. I think the last time was during a babysitting job about…6 or 8 years ago. Something like that.

Sophia and I walked into the bathroom, and I turned on the water. She was startled by the loud rushing sound – so cute. <chuckle>

As the water warmed up, I got her all undressed and ready to enter the bath. When I reached down to plug the drain, I realized that it was one of those covered drains with holes, like a colander.

Then I got all confused about how that could possibly turn into a bathtub. Maybe these kinds are just for showers, I reasoned.

But then, I countered, that would mean Morgan always gives Sophia a bath in her own master bathroom. And surely she doesn’t do that! She never implied that at all!

All these thoughts take much longer to type and read than they actually took to think. Besides, there was a toddler standing next to me with no clothes on, getting cold.

In a brilliant marriage of desperation and creativity, I spotted a star-shaped purple toy laying there looking useful. I put it directly over the drain, which slowed the drainage down enough to give us a few inches, which was all we needed, anyway.

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention.

Needless to say, Sophia emerged warm, clean, and smelling like a mango.



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