the sun also rises

As opposed to the wild ride of Sunday and the unexpected misnomers of that day, we had some delightful fun yesterday, for Memorial Day.

[Insert big thank you to those of you currently serving or who did serve in our armed forces! You are heroes!]

We began the day at the 7th Street Public Market uptown. I’m always charmed by latte art, and Not Just Coffee does it quite well. They are also supplied with raw and vegan snacks from Luna’s Living Kitchen – a big plus! I highly recommend the cacao nib and goji berry Monkey Bites.

Oddly, not every vendor was open yesterday, because of the holiday. We couldn’t understand why Pure Pizza chose to leave its doors closed on Speed Week, on a holiday, when everyone and their brother is walking around looking for all-American food. We will need to try that another time. Even so, the vendors that were open were intriguing – chocolate, raw edibles, salt, cheese, local produce, and meats were all to be had. Two thumbs up to Orrman’s Cheese Shop, offering fresh grilled cheese sandwiches in a variety of flavors – nice touch! We were also impressed with the friendly vendors at barCHOCOLATE, an impressive display of handcrafted, high-end chocolates and French macarons. We’ll be back.

After a quick shopping spree at the mall, we went and saw the brand new Star Trek film. Well done!

Finally, we got over to Pio Pio, a small strip-mall restaurant known for their rotisserie chicken and Peruvian cuisine. If you follow that hyperlink you may be, as I was, skeptical as to the quality of their food. Sometimes restaurants try a little too hard to look hip and cool on their websites. Although their atmosphere is that of a cheap Mexican restaurant, the chicken was very tasty! If I were in their circle of trust, I might warn Pio Pio that it’s quite the claim to advertise “the best chicken in town”!

So ends the holiday weekend – back to the grind!


2 thoughts on “the sun also rises

  1. Do you know why they call it Pio Pio (I’m assuming this is why)? It’s because in Peru, instead of saying the chicks say “cheep cheep”, they say “pio pio”. 🙂 A little FYI.

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