a hunt

With our apartment lease renewal coming up in August, Joshua and I decided that it would behoove us to start the search for another place to live. Specifically, a house.

We were referred to a realtor by my sister and her husband, who have been happily ensconced in their new home for the past five months.

Having been pre-approved, it began. We were sent a selection of house choices in our price range, and in the area where we would like to live. One out of the five was to our liking, and it looked like it would be a great fit. We scheduled an appointment with the realtor, Lori, to take a look this past Sunday.

It was such an adorable home! It was sided with wood, not siding, painted a very true blue. It had a front porch and a back deck, which, paired with the white shutters, gave it a country cottage feel. The kitchen had been revamped recently, and the roof was new. All of this adds up to a nice house, at least on the surface. The rooms were also of a decent size, and we could easily envision ourselves in them.

After we left, I was surprised that my uber-cautious husband was in agreement that this could very well be the house for us. Lori had told us we could back out of a contract if the inspection uncovered some nasty things, which probably put his mind at ease. Shortly after leaving, she informed us that another realtor had shown up and was showing the house to other people, so we should make a move if we were at all interested. Since we definitely were, we scheduled an appointment the following day to make an offer.


I am a black and white, decisive, spontaneous person. I knew after a few moments that I would like to own that house. But that’s all in the mind. Here we were with an actual calendar appointment to put our signatures on a piece of paper and invest money in this venture! I couldn’t believe Joshua was so onboard with it, but he totally was.

About thirty minutes later, Lori texted us again to tell us that the house had gone under contract with a cash, no-appraisal offer and was off the market.

Things move quickly in the real estate realm these days, and I’m not surprised a gem like that little place was snatched up so quickly. So that was the end of that, and we are back to Square 1. I’m so interested in seeing where our future home will be! This house had seemed so perfect, but I guess there’s something even better out there. Just waiting. 🙂


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