but of course

Joshua took me uptown last week for date night, and we headed to Carpe Diem. Last year for my birthday, Joshua took me to Loft 1523 to celebrate. When we got there, we found that it had closed a while ago. For some absurd reason, their website had no indication of this fact. So we went to Carpe Diem, instead.

As my birthday is this Friday, we thought we’d go up to Carpe Diem again. The sign for Loft 1523 is STILL THERE.

Carpe Diem, however, was also closed. Not permanently, but they had a little sign on their door saying they were closed that evening for a film production. Intriguing.

On our way back to our car, we passed a guy who looked like he hailed from California and might possibly have something to do with films. Joshua asked him what they were filming.

The guy looked up from texting with a blank look on his face, with a look that clearly said that we must be from Mars, if we don’t know what they’re filming, and said, “Homeland.”

Oh. Of course.

[Joshua told me later that the TV show Homeland is set in DC, but the suburban scenes are filmed right here in River City – Charlotte, NC. Who knew?]


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