morning routine

I discovered a Bon Appetit feed today on the morning routines of various people – some mere mortals who work at the BA Headquarters in NY, some the stars of fools gold we call celebrities.

It was most interesting!

Check it out here:

This made me consider my morning routine – have you thought about yours? For me, routine and schedule and rhythm make my life work. I can’t imagine not waking up at the same time every morning, not doing the same thing every day. But I guess for some people, their lives don’t start until afternoon or evening, so they can roll out of bed whenever they want. How odd.

Anyway, here’s my morning routine, if Bon Appetit were ever to ask me:

  • Joshua gets up at 5:00am, quietly and in the dark, usually without letting me even here the BEEP BEEP BEEP of our alarm clock. He ensconces himself in the living room to do some work, write some articles, etc.
  • At 5:40am, he comes back in and wakes me up, before hopping in the shower.
  • The first thing I do is sit up in bed and check my email on my iPhone. I do this because if I don’t, my mind will only be able to think about what emails I might have while I read my Bible.
  • Emails having been checked, I read the Psalms of the day and the next section of my 3-month Bible reading schedule.
  • By the time I’m done, Joshua is out of the shower, hair gelled, beard shaven, dressed, with keys, wallet, and phone in pocket. He then does his prayers.
  • I used to get up and take a shower at that point, but with the warm weather, I’ve decided to push my shower until late afternoon or evening, so that I won’t bemoan sweating during the day.
  • I get up, get dressed, do my hair and makeup, and put on the electric kettle to boil water for Joshua’s coffee and my tea.
  • Our go-to breakfast this past week has been Cheerios and homemade granola, but before that it was Green Kitchen StoriesRaw Buckwheat Porridge, and before that it was steel-cut oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts, and on special occasions, chocolate-avocado pudding. Since I just made another batch of granola, I’m guessing we’ll continue with the Cheerios and granola thing. I get all of that set out.
  • I French-press the coffee, steep the tea, and by that time (7:00 straight up, if things are going according to plan), Joshua is finished with prayers and possibly his Bible reading, as well. We sit down to eat.
  • Something I’ve added into my breakfast since the beginning of the year is orange-flavored fish oil from Norway. It’s not as nasty as it sounds. Joshua says it has done wonders for my hair.
  • Since I inhale my food, and Joshua eats like a genteel human, I read him the Torah portion aliyah for the day and a few pages from whatever book we’re currently reading.
  • We finish breakfast between 7:40 and 8:00.

This is how our morning routine has worked for…pretty much our whole marriage. I am a creature of habit.


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