to celebrate

[For background: my birthday is this Friday.]

Yesterday, I joined my family for dinner at The Residence. My grandfather is currently in town, which is a real treat. He lives in Bristol and Vero Beach, so when he comes to Charlotte, we all want to see him. Now that my younger sister is married, there are five households vying for his valuable time, not to mention other calls on his wisdom, like the entrepreneurs’ meeting he had with my husband, brother-in-law, brother, and friends yesterday morning at 6:45, or the men’s Bible study (taught by my father) he attended last night. Must be a tough life, being the patriarch of a growing family.

Anyway. That was beside the point.

After dinner, I was the first to arrive at my sister’s home, where my sisters, mom, and I meet on Tuesday evenings to catch up and knit. My sister and her ADORABLE BABY met me on the driveway. We strolled into her house, I traded her some mail for her baby, and glancing up, I noticed a large birthday banner strung across the corner of the room. Confused, I walked through in my mind for whose birthday Morgan would have bought a birthday banner. Hers is in a month…we already celebrated her daughter’s…her husbands is in August, for goodness’ sake…

Finally I just asked. “Whose birthday?”

She laughed and gave me that look. “Yours!”

No. Way.

And sure enough, my mom and other sisters arrived shortly thereafter, bearing special coffee drinks and rhubarb crack, plus the big birthday balloon Christine handed me on her way in, which promptly escaped its string and got stuck in the highest corner of a very high-ceiling’d room. It still added to the party atmosphere. 🙂

I didn’t see this coming at all, and I was *so* touched! I count it as my very first surprise birthday party ever. And I was truly surprised. Good job, all!!

Happy birthday to me!


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