two celebrate

My brother told me to start making my hyperlinks bold or a different color, because he appreciates any and all referrals to his own blog, and people currently can’t see the links.

Speaking of whom, we had lunch today.

For 20 years now, our birthdays have fallen two days apart. I suppose that will never change. There are two options when this happens: shake your fist at G-d and spend your time wondering why He had to make your little brother emerge from the womb two days after you celebrate the last birthday you’ll have without him ever again (probably), OR embrace the bond of brotherhood. Sister-brother-hood. Siblinghood.

I don’t really remember what we did when we were young, but I think I remember the first year we decided to celebrate our birthdays jointly. We decided to take the family indoor rock climbing (meaning, my father took our family indoor rock climbing). And one year, we had a big birthday party with bunches of friends, BACKWARDS. And last year, we turned a collective total of 42, and did 42 things we had never done before. Some were strange. Some were fun. Some were absolutely humiliating.

This year, the first birthday I’ve had since getting married, my husband is making me breakfast and taking me to Beaufort, SC for the weekend. My brother is having a family dinner on Sunday, of which we will be a part, once we get back into town. It’s kind of strange not planning something together with Peter, but I guess it’s time that we sever that semi-tradition. I am part of a new family now, with new traditions.

With all of this in mind, we still took some time today to wish each other a happy birthday; I treated Peter to a Petey’s Bing, Peter treated me to Cold Stone Creamery. We talked about life and important things like that. He’s a good man.


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