top 7

My husband and I are just finishing the packing details for our trip to Beaufort, SC! So looking forward to a nice weekend, hopefully sans Andrea.

Here are my Top 7 for this week:

  1. This made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. I’ve never been in a conversation like this, but from the tales I’ve heard from others, it’s so true-to-life.
  2. If I had all the money in my world, any of these might very well be my next bedroom.
  3. Beautiful photography by Aran Goyoaga.
  4. An interesting recipe from honey & jam for honeysuckle simple syrup – a true taste of a southern summer.
  5. Manly Guides for the Manly Man, courtesy of gloveo – thanks to my parents, I am not a manly man (and I think we’re all very happy about that), but perhaps there are things even the most womanly of women should know. Good information all around.
  6. A very telling comparison.
  7. My sister informed me this week of some interesting news for Italians!

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