a hunt, part ii

My husband and I just returned from a lovely getaway to Beaufort, SC, but I’ll be posting on that tomorrow or something.

In the meantime, we also checked out another house on Friday afternoon, before we skipped town! My faithful readers deserve an update on the status of our house hunt. 🙂

It was a rainy day, which was unfortunately unkind to the gravel driveway of this little house. Its hardboard sides had been recently painted with a semi-gloss, which made it look fresh and appealing, though!

I really liked it. The walls were fresh and clean, the carpet was soft (freshly washed or replaced entirely), and the kitchen was done in a gold/copper tone-on-tone. It had three bedrooms, including the master, and large, updated washer and dryer, which were apparently negotiable (we’ll need those when we do move).

In one of the bedrooms, the owners had left a queen-sized bed and a dresser, which was helpful for my sometimes non-compliant imagination. But goodness! The bed took up the whole room! The dresser was tiny, half the size of ours, and it barely squeezed in there! And that was the largest bedroom! ?!?!

The realtor told us that the house was probably around 950 square feet, which is about 300 more than what we’re living in right now, in a one-bedroom apartment with no pantry or linen closet. So…that doesn’t sound like a whole lot of bang for our buck.

I liked the first house we saw better than this one, even with the bad paint job and garish decor in some of the rooms, because of the intelligent use of the space and the “wood” floors stretching throughout the entire house, with no carpet at all. However, this one had more immediate aesthetic appeal, with the updated paint job on the inside and out, as well as a garage and updated kitchen. Less to do initially.

One thing Joshua and I discussed after leaving was the lack of dining space. The kitchen had one little corner where the owner had left a hightop with two chairs (a beautiful one, too – nice choice!), and that appeared to be the only place in the whole house where people could eat. Where, we wondered, were you supposed to dine with the people you were sleeping in your two extra bedrooms?


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