a hunt, part iii

On Monday afternoon, during Joshua’s lunch break, we visited another house option. This one was two stories (!), and looked very clean and neat on the outside. It wasn’t until we pulled up and were waiting for our realtor that we saw it was a foreclosure. This made us a bit nervous about what it would look like inside…

You can imagine my relief and surprise at the absolutely gorgeous, spotless, freshly-painted, clean rooms! Everything about the house felt big and roomy to me, probably as it compared to our current home, as well as the other options we’ve seen. It had a gas fireplace with logs, a lovely kitchen, a one-car garage, plenty of storage, a laundry area, three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths – I couldn’t get over it! And it was just ever so slightly above our preapproved loan number.

We told our realtor we would like to make an offer immediately (remember what happened the first time…), and we did so yesterday morning. Shortly thereafter, we were informed that another person had also made an offer, and the seller wanted our biggest and best.

We have until noon on Friday to figure out exactly what that can possibly be. Prayers appreciated! 🙂


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