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Does anyone else feel like this week was gone before it even started? I’m ready for tomorrow, let me tell you. My husband and I are planning on sleeping in until who-knows-when and catching up on all the rest we missed this week. Next week is even more full… (!)

Here are some cool links and funny things for your weekend!

  1. If your smartphone has become your camera, as mine has, you are also accumulating tons of photos all jumbled into the “Photos” app on your little screen. Check out MoshPic, which helps you organize those into albums with a few touches of a fingertip, and lets you invite people into the albums to share their own pictures. I’m thinking all my family members should download this app and come on into my rapidly-growing Sophia album…
    Also, for you Instagram users, Kanvess will print them like Polaroids for $0.25/photo and mail them to you. So cool!
  2. Talent!
  3. It is FREAKY what we can do with technology these days…!
  4. A viral sensation about train safety, and the remix by the Maccabeats.
  5. Did you see the new Superman movie yet? Here’s a cool study for the fans.
  6. My husband‘s 3-minute audio on How to Overthrow a Dictator.
  7. Are you happy? What do you think of this?

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