thoughts with hummus

So here I was, sitting on my couch, eating the world’s best hummus with celery sticks, which I can do when my man is not around (and actually, even when he is, because he’s just that cool), when I saw an email from Earth Fare.

The subject was “Action: It’s National Honesty Day!”, which, in and of itself, already presents a question mark to me. What, *every* day isn’t honesty day? We’re not supposed to be honest every day? Are they saying, “We know you lie most of the time, but today, please tell us the truth”?

Odd. How far we’ve fallen.

Anyway, I went ahead and clicked on their link to a survey on what “Food Trust” means to me. “What,” they ask, “does the phrase “Food Trust” mean to you?” (We can ignore the grammatical error in the sentence and move forward.)

The survey is, of course, multiple choice, because people are no longer smart or creative enough to come up with their own answers and also because that would be too much for a computer to sift through – you didn’t think humans were actually reading this, did you? – and also because everyone is too indecisive to pick just one.

  • Ingredients in my food matter.
  • I know where my food comes from.
  • The colors and flavors in my food are natural, not fake.
  • My food is healthy and does me no harm, when portioned responsibly.
  • Other

The results, which Earth Fare kindly shows you after you pick your own responses, is that basically all the choices are across-the-board-important (with the exception of “Other”, of course, because no one wants to take the time to write their own answer. it doesn’t count, anyway). How is this news? Isn’t it kind of awful and terribly sad that we are even asking this question? That we are even having to think about where our food might be coming from, or what might be in it, or that the color and flavor is no longer what it should be? That is totally disgusting! I’m not a total organic health freak, and I have not cut out all processed foods or started eating completely raw or only local or anything like that, but I do tend to embrace a more natural lifestyle. And by that I mean that I do like to know where my food comes from, I do like to know that what’s in it is not going to kill my brain cells or give me cancer, I do like to know that the juice is red because the fruit that made it is red, and not because of Red #2.

I just can’t believe it has come to this. Makes you want to grow everything yourself, just in case.


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