The funniest thing just happened.

I met my sister for some of what I like to call female bonding time. Women bond in different ways from men, this is a certainty.

Anyway, after we finished our time together, and some of the best gelato to be found in Charlotte right now, I walked back across the shopping center to my car. One one of the corners is a car repair place – I’m not quite sure which one. One of their employees had just pulled a newly-repaired sedan out of their facilities and was parking it at the corner of the sidewalk.

He was getting out as I walked past the car, and gave me one of those nods and, “How ya doin’ today,” things. I was about to smile amiably in return and walk on by, when we both noticed that the car he had just vacated was starting to roll away. That is, roll across one of the driving lanes in this shopping center and squarely into a neat row of parked cars, opposite.


He panicked. He must have, because instead of jumping back into the car, he ran to the front of it and tried to manually stop it – with his hands! Every muscle of his poor little body straining, he pushed against the rolling car with all of his might, his shoes skidding across the pavement as the weight of the vehicle pressed against him.

I was dumbfounded.

“Can you help?!” he called over.

I was thinking, “Is this some kind of trick?! He can’t be serious!”

Cautiously, I said yes, and he handed over the keys and asked me to hop in and put it in park. It certainly would have helped if the owner of the car had not rubbed the symbols off of their buttons, as the car was locked.

But, eventually, I did find the correct one, and I did get the car in park before the employee was crushed, or the car had hit anything of importance. I also walked away unscathed.

What a day.


One thought on “react

  1. This reminds me of a funny story in my past. As you know, the Sages say the children will invariably repeat the acts of the fathers…

    I was having dinner at a local Italian restaurant back in New York, dressed in my Army dress uniform. An employee of the Mazarrati dealership next door came into the restaurant looking for the owner of the little brown Pinto that had just rolled down the parking lot incline into one of their new cars… Glad I was in uniform – and that they were very patriotic.

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