the fox and the hounds

Remember how we bought a house just recently? It’s kind of hard for me to forget. 😉

We are currently residing in a small, one-bedroom apartment near the center of Matthews, and we are quite happy here. Obviously, we will be getting out of our lease to move into our new home in August.

Our apartment complex requires a 60-day notice of desire to vacate, plus two months rent. Our closing date being August 9, we contacted the office and told them we’d like to leave on August 19. This gives them more than the required time, and they seemed quite happy with us. We went down there yesterday to sign the papers and hand over the massive check.

In the process we learned that the lease had been very cleverly worded to conceal the fact that we will be paying all of July’s rent, plus a pro-rated August (until the 19th), plus two months rent. Yes, that’s on top of the two months we’ll be continuing to live here and pay normal rent. That’s IN ADDITION TO. This is all the more base and sly when you consider that our requested end date was August 19, but our lease expires on October 11, which means that if we were to end it early, we would actually be paying MORE rent than if we just kept it after moving.

So. All that to say that Joshua and I left the documents unsigned, and we will be living the good life with two homes for about two months. <sigh> C’est la vie!


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