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It’s been a long week. I hope you, like Joshua & I, are planning on getting some good rest this weekend (and specifically tomorrow).

Make it a great one!

  1. LOVE this framing site! Custom-frame your art/photos/posters online. I feel like the prices are as good or better than the brick-and-mortars around here, but see for yourself. ALSO! Shipping is free (what?!).
  2. So sad that this won’t work into our schedule or budget for next year. :-/
  3. Disregarding the prehistoric, evolutionistic comments toward the beginning, this was quite a telling look at our culture. STOP THE TIDE.
  4. A sweet story about the building of the Temple.
  5. I already have a huge crush on Mr. Boddington, and this print is adorable, especially with Chicago in my heart now.
  6. Want to see what Jesus saw? There’s an app for that. (And with my imagination quotient in negative numbers, you better believe it’s coming with me and my iPhone next time we’re in Israel!)
  7. How much do you know about baking cakes? See if you can ace this quiz from America’s Test Kitchen.

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