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A very happy Independence Day to all! Hope it was a blast (hehe) – and full of all things American. Which, if you really think about it, means nothing at all, because America is one big melting pot of cultures and cuisines.

If you chose to burn through your money via fireworks, thank you for paying for some amazing displays. I don’t agree with your stewardship, but to each his own.

Here are some fun and informative links for your weekend! Make it a great one!

  • Love this breakdown and rules for good phone customer service from business genius Seth Godin.
  • GET THIS! A camera that allows you to shift focus *after* taking the picture. ?! Or, if you don’t want a whole new camera (because your phone IS your camera – didn’t we talk about this already?), how about this super-cool lens clip for your iPhone? Wide-angle, fish-eye, and macro – all in one tiny little clip.
  • I am just not into red, white, and blue food. I mean – happy Independence Day, but do we need to eat it? A RW&B smoothie, RW&B popsicles, and RW&B trifle? It’s a bit much. I don’t want to eat these colors. And another pet peeve: I’d much rather have 10 All-American Classics than 101 Fourth of July foods. Stop overwhelming me, already!
  • For your dinner party this evening, whether you’re hosting or attending. A great guide on how to make it a success, personally.
  • A music video for your patriotic weekend! Celtic Woman (one of my all-time favorite groups) performing William Joseph‘s (one of my all-time favorite artists) O, America.
  • If you’re losing all hope in America’s citizens, confirm that theory with this video, where all Americans strike out on why we celebrate Independence Day.
  • Perhaps you’re done feeling patriotic (Independence Day is SO five minutes ago), and are looking forward to watching the rest of the Wimbledon tournament this weekend? Pair it with a Pimm’s No. 1 Cup, as per tradition. Read the history of the cocktail here, and make your own on Sunday! Tip: it’s easier to use lemonade, rather than lemon juice + simple syrup; also, if you want a real treat, replace that with limoncello. (!)

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