triple digits

So this is my hundredth post. 100! That’s not huge, obviously, but it’s big for me, and especially since I only started this thing in January, and I don’t blog every day.

🙂 Excuses, excuses.

Anyway, I thought I’d take a moment to thank you for reading, although we all know that most of the subscribers to this blog fall into one of two categories: family/friends, or people who only subscribed to get me over to their blogs, which are about making money affiliate marketing or blogging. <sigh> It’s ok. I’ll take your subscription, even if you aren’t really interested. It’s all good.

Much has happened over these past six months. In my marriage, we’re speeding toward our first anniversary – what?!?! How can that already be here?? And in life, at the same time, we’re buying our first house and getting into debt for the first time. Although I have loved not being in debt, having a mortgage feels so much like having a rent payment that it doesn’t really bother me. In fact, I’m quite excited about having a place that I can, in truth, call my own. A place I can paint without repercussion. A place with more space than this apartment. A place where we can fit a table that can actually hold our entire immediate family.

Because I’m a numbers FREAK, I think it appropriate to mention that I have 10 categories, 100 posts, and 1000 tags on this blog. I love being me. 🙂

The most popular posts so far have been these:

  • three days – the post about our first houseguest, back in March, which was quite the adventure. It will be so much easier to host people in our new home!
  • pages – the post about my very first book to ever be published! It’s about preparing for marriage (not that I’m an expert; I just compiled the wealth of good advice I had been given, and mixed it with personal experience), so if you are getting married or know someone who is, I suggest you purchase it. Your money could go toward getting a toaster oven for my new kitchen. Doesn’t that sound like an admirable use for your hard-earned dollars?
  • birthday – the post I did about Joshua’s 29th birthday, in May. This was the first of his birthdays we have celebrated as husband and wife, and I think it went off as a smashing success. Fried chicken sandwiches definitely helps.

Here’s what I’m hoping for the next six months:

  • An absolutely fabulous time with my favorite and only niece, later this month, house- and baby-sitting while her parents take a second babymoon before the birth of their second daughter.
  • An easy, safe move over to our new place in August, with nothing especially special broken.
  • The also easy and also safe birth of my second niece in September.
  • A romantic and delightful anniversary getaway to Asheville, NC, with my beloved husband for our first anniversary in October!
  • A very G-d-honoring and exciting bar mitzvah celebration for my young brother-in-law in November.
  • A healthier Chanukah (had the flu last year) and tamer New Year’s Eve (went uptown – yikes!) with Joshua at the end of the year.

Life is good. I’m really happy, I want for just about nothing, and I’m super-excited to see what the rest of the year holds!


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