Yesterday, I started packing up this place.

That’s not exactly true – I had started last week, but that was a halfhearted, so-tired-from-my-busy-social-schedule, I-have-plenty-of-time kind of attempt.

Yesterday, I packed one of our bookshelves. Not the shelves themselves, but the books on them. ALL of them. I now have two absolutely, incredibly, unbelievably heavy, large boxes of books to move to our house next month. Today, I started on pictures and frames and wrapping paper and gift bags. It’s really exciting!

And, at the same time, I am taking this time to weed through all our junk and stuff and valued belongings and figure out which Chosen Items should be privileged to move with us, and which should bless someone else’s home via the open arms of Goodwill.

Joshua was a little horrified when I talked about getting rid of things, but I don’t mean anything too drastic. I just don’t want to move ALL THIS STUFF to our new house. I don’t want to clutter the beautiful, open spaces! I don’t want it to be as hard to clean that house as it has been to clean this apartment. Or, to keep it clean, rather.

I read this article recently on clean living spaces and living with less, and it intrigued me. I’m not that far, but I’d like to have less clutter. The thing that stood out to me about the article, though, was the lack of any mention of cooking. My pantry shelves and countertops will never look like that, because I passionately adore cooking, and I’m not giving up my much-used food processor, or relegating it to a home in a cabinet where I’ll never use it because it will be such a pain to get out, just so that I can have a flat countertop with nothing to mar its appearance.

Books kind of fall into the same category. We both love to read, so the shelves of books stay, no matter what.

When I shared this article with my sister, Christine, we agreed that the idea of giving your children eight tops and four bottoms sounds like a fabulous idea. Hello, less laundry! Studies have also already shown that people in America are depressed because we have too many choices – imagine that! Too many choices makes us less happy. Anyway, so it seems like having less options for your children would make them happier little tykes.


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