hard surfaces

I don’t know what it is about being in slight but continuous pain, having some sort of swelling on any part of my body, and/or large and unsightly bruises that makes me feel like a child again.

On Monday, I whacked my face (*hard*), and when I say “whack”, I mean SLAMMED. I hit my eye socket bone, just underneath my left eye, which is good (because I didn’t hit my eye!), but also bad (because I hit a bone). Moments after this occurred, I looked in the mirror, and already had some faint bruising and swelling.

So all of yesterday (Tuesday), I felt this nostalgic connection to childhood. I can’t really figure out why this was; I thought perhaps it was because I could see the skin of my own cheek without looking in the mirror, something which isn’t normally true, but was probably true when I was a child. My chubby little baby face has long since stretched out over my facial bone structure.

Or I thought maybe the bruising has something to do with it. Maybe the developing bruise (which is now an interesting pink/purple) reminds me of the time I fell off my bike and got an egg-sized black/blue/purple lump on my forehead.

But I don’t know…because sometimes it just has to do with feeling really tired because my body is exhausted from constant pain (even if it’s slight, and this is very slight). I wasn’t in pain a lot as a child, but there’s something about the continuous feeling that makes you want to curl up with hot tea and a book and forget responsibility, isn’t there? That’s kind of childish. Maybe that’s it.

Am I the only one who thinks like this? Can’t be. What do you think?


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