the odd & delightful things I have seen while out and about

I find that I usually do one- to two-word titles. Thought we’d mix that up a bit.

So I don’t know about you, but there are some pretty weird people in this world, and they do pretty weird things. Sometimes, we catch them doing them. Here are some things I’ve seen in the recent past, most of which gave me a chuckle, some of which were very dear.

  1. The Jeep or pickup truck that STOPPED in the middle of one of our secondary highway arteries here in Matthews, NC, for a turtle.
  2. The homeless man who hid his sign and quickly turned and walked away after seeing whoever was in the SUV behind me.
  3. A telephone pole with two electrical boxes of some sort on it; and wedged between the boxes – a pickle.
  4. Six pennies, meticulously and symmetrically arrayed on an outside Starbucks windowsill.
  5. The odd man (who lives somewhere in our complex) doing calisthenics on a grassy corner, cartwheels included.
  6. The woman in the local coffeeshop reading and explaining a long legal document to her deaf friend, in sign language. ❤
  7. A man holding up one of those advertisement signs on a street corner, except that the sign itself was a posterboard of a life-sized man holding up a small advertisement sign. If you can picture that.
  8. A mom in black, white, and bright yellow – perfectly coordinated and accessorized – with her two little girls, also in black, white, and bright yellow, also perfectly coordinated and accessorized.

🙂 We live in such an interesting world.


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