tu b’av

Yesterday was “Jewish Valentine’s Day”. They call it Tu b’Av, which literally translates to the 15th of Av. It would be like calling Valentine’s Day February 14, instead of Valentine’s Day. Joshua and I decided to do the Jewish day of love instead of Valentine’s Day.

So it started Sunday night, but we celebrated more on Monday.

On Monday morning, we had a special breakfast (plum crumble, for those who are interested/wondering), and we both happened to have a card for the other! Totally unplanned – I had no idea Joshua had gotten me a card, and he had no idea I had one for him. Isn’t it cool when that happens?! And we’ve only been married 9 months this Thursday!

Joshua had gotten me my favorite, favorite card from Anthropologie, which pictures an adorable little hand-drawn radish on the front, under which it reads, “You look radishing.” I get such a giggle out of that. 🙂 Inside, he had written a lovely acrostic of my name – so thoughtful!

To cap everything off, we went out to dinner, as per our custom. We always go to a place we’ve never been before. The very first year we were in a relationship for Tu b’Av, we were in Israel, and we had some absolutely incredibly fish. And then last year, we weren’t actually together on the day, because I was out of town, but after I came home, we went to Pure, a Mexican taqueria, which has since closed. It was really good – I’m so sad they aren’t around anymore, especially as it was within walking distance of this apartment! Now there’s a barbecue place there, instead. :-/

This year, we chose The Wooden Vine, which is uptown. The Wooden Vine has some lovely decor – the tables are made out of polished tree trunk halves. Most of their menu is ‘composed small plates’, kind of like tapas, where they expect you to order a few and share. This we did, enjoying things like juicy, fresh tomatoes with balsamic, mozzarella, and vanilla oil. Baked French cheese. Tiny, handcut potato chips dipped in bleu cheese mousse. Tuna tartare with avocado and tomatillo. Mouth-watering. You should go. They also change up their menu every three months to keep in stride with what’s in season – love that! They are famous for their wine selection, too.

Afterward, because The Wooden Vine unfortunately does not offer a gluten-free dessert, we dropped by Earth Fare and bought a small pint of Phin & Phebe’s dark chocolate salty caramel ice cream to have at home. Our cashier was in the midst of checking us out when she all of the sudden looked up and asked Joshua if he spoke Hebrew…in Hebrew. I was grateful my Hebrew hasn’t rusted past the point of understanding that basic of all questions. It turned out that she had served in the IDF and had just returned to America three weeks previous! I was SO proud of Joshua, who could not only keep up with and understand her fast-paced Hebrew, but also respond in kind. My brain just does not work that quickly unless I’m immersed for long periods of time. Anyway, it was quite a highlight! It made us miss The Land so much – must. go. back. soon.


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