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Time for another weekend already! Hurray! I notice that it gets harder and harder to get up in the mornings as the week goes on. Friday is the toughest, and I cannot wait for tomorrow, even though Joshua and I will be babysitting our sweet niece, and may not get to sleep in all that much. 😉 No worries. I think anything Sophia can give us will be better than 5:00/5:40am.

So here are some cool articles I came across or was forwarded this week! Enjoy!

  • How very, very English. Love this, and happy birthday, Prince George!
  • Oh my goodness. Can you believe Heineken is doing this?! Would you dare??
  • How about this awesome article on homeschoolers and socialization? Great answers!
  • One of the coolest Vine videos I’ve ever seen – the shaking of cherries off a tree (I mention that it’s a Vine video so that you know it will only take 6 seconds to watch).
  • Ok. Who’s going to Italy with me, and when are we leaving?
  • So there’s a new website out there (and an app, obviously) trying to change the face of GPS. Instead of confusing number-based coordinates, they’ve tagged 3×3-meter areas with random three-word sets. Like And then, since it’s GPS, it can lead you to that exact, 3×3-meter spot. Exactly. So instead of texting directions to get through your maze of an apartment complex, you can say, hey – we’re at slam.pile.stairs. See you there.
  • Speaking of Prince George, let’s bookend this list with another article on the power of our words. #RoyalBaby

Make it a great one!


3 thoughts on “top 7

  1. Ok, YES – I would definitely change plans at the last minute (literally) and push the button. If it sent me to Italy, I’d call you so you could get your ticket and meet me there. 😉 I’ll bring my camera, you bring your pen and inkwell and we’ll document the whole thing!

      • Well they promise it’ll be more exotic – most of the places sounded fine to me! Laos? Thailand? I think I’d take my chances. 😉

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