that wonderful child

Joshua and I had the privilege of babysitting our delightful niece all weekend while her parents took a babymoon. Their second daughter is due around the beginning of October – we are all quite excited, as you can imagine.

Actually, you probably can’t imagine, because you might not know Sophia (their eldest). If you knew Sophia, you would know that the rest of us can’t wait to see what her sister will be like.

Sophia is one of the most relaxed, calm, chill, happy, obedient, excitable tykes on the planet.

She found a song sheet from our congregation and would constantly bring it to Uncle Joshua, so that he could sing her the songs.

She gets all excited about Bible time, prayers, and the rain outside.

When I hold her, her little fingers reach up and play with my hair in the most entrancing way.

At bedtime, when most children scream and cry, Sophia goes to bed in peace. She didn’t whine for her parents, she didn’t throw a fit when they weren’t there to get her up in the mornings.

We got to play outside and ride tricycles, drive fire trucks with Uncle Joshua, and get a huge butterfly balloon to welcome home Daddy & Mommy.

Joshua and I had an amazing time practicing parenthood with our niece. She’s amazing, and before she was around, I think some of us doubted that a child could be this good, this successful, and have come this far in 16 months. There is obviously a lot of parental advice and wisdom to be gleaned from my sister and her husband. 😉


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