In an effort to broaden my horizons, I asked my sister Mary to join me in creating a weekly podcast. I know. Something to LISTEN TO. Recording our own voices for people to hear. (!) It was a big step for me, having never enjoyed the sound of my own voice…

Anyway, we have taken the necessary steps and gotten our ‘cast approved on iTunes and everything. A big, huge, grateful shout-out to my awesome brother, who provided us with the storage space and know-how with regard to publishing a podcast. I don’t know how he knows everything he knows, but boy, am I ever thankful for that egghead.

We plan to keep things short and listenable, probably around 30-40 minutes, and we record each Wednesday (or, rather, we will – we only just started). We talk about life, events, wise tips, advice, and all sorts of things. Basically, it’s like a blog post you can listen to, instead of having to read. AND you get to hear us laugh! And what we sound like. And how we talk. That’s cool, right?

You can click the enormous Upsides picture on the left of my blog (a pictograph created by Mary herself) to get to the iTunes page, or you can click the link below:

Either way, hope you subscribe and enjoy!


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