why are you all wet?

So. That babysitting job I took? Yeah, that started this week. It was supposed to start on Monday, but I got a call 8 minutes before take-off (and by that I mean, before she got here officially) that she would not be joining me that day.

It all started Tuesday. The baby’s name is Kamirah, but it seems to be pronounced much more like a feminized version of the car, Camaro – Camara. Kah-mah-rah. BUT it could be a Southern way of saying Kah-MY-rah. I haven’t figured that out yet. She responds to just about anything that sounds like her name.

Respond being a relative term. Pacified grunts are most of what I get, which makes me think I’m going to break my future children of their pacifier habit early on, because I think that would help with their communication. All words sound the same when you can’t move your tongue.

Anyway, she’s a sweet little thing. The first day, everyone was in a big rush, and I didn’t get the carseat. This resulted in me staying home all day. That’s kind of what I had planned, anyway, so no big. I took Kamirah out to the small playground that’s right next to our building. It turns out that the playground is creepy. It’s completely in the shade, which gives it a dark, ominous look, straight out of a scene of Premonition (you know, that Sandra Bullock movie?). Also, while playing on the swings, a squadron of squirrels came tearing through the fenced-in area, rustling through the leaves and clawing up a tree, one after the other, in a skittish, freaky way. We left.

That was Tuesday. Yesterday, we DID have the carseat and got to go make ice cream with Mary. Not that Kamirah had any, or even knew it was happening, as she was taking a morning nap at the time, but it’s good for me to get some air. And today we had the chance to go play with my niece, Sophia, who has a lot more toys than I do. That was fun.

There have been funny baby happenings. Like the time I found Kamirah and her clothes very, very damp. And I asked her, “Why are you all wet?” And it became apparent that there had been two different movements of relief in the same diaper (quick work!), which had then spilled out all over the place and gotten everything – and I mean everything – wettish (the bright side: a good poop! the dark side: a goooood poop). Thank goodness it was laundry day!

Or adventuresome things, like realizing I don’t own a highchair…or really any appropriate seat in which to feed a baby. So I had to improvise an indoor picnic to [hopefully] keep most of my carpet and Kamirah’s clothes clean.

Or sweet things, like when I decided to pack up my last bookshelf, and Kamirah thoughtfully handed me each book, even the ones that were too heavy for her, to load into the box. Or the way she wraps her entire body around mine and nestles her fuzzy head into my shoulder when she’s kind of tired. It’s winsome.

I was told yesterday that Kamirah’s mother may be back earlier than expected, so today or tomorrow could be my last day with the small one. We’ll see. It’s surely been an adventure!


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