We moved in yesterday.

We moved in yesterday!!

We used to live in a one-bedroom apartment, on the third floor of an apartment building, with four short-to-medium-size flights of stairs between us and the ground.

I was floored and so incredibly touched with how many people turned out to help us move. We had sent out one small email to our congregation, and virtually everyone came, almost every family was at least represented, if not there in full force. We even had four senior citizens, two babies in utero, and four children under the age of 10 helping us. It was incredible.

And it took that massive amount of people 20 minutes to move ALL of our stuff out of our apartment, down all of those stairs, and into our truck. And then it took them 18 minutes to move it ALL into our new home. We were done in 58 minutes, driving time included, someone said. Can you believe that!? I can’t.

What a blessing it is, this community. We can never thank them enough.

After everyone left and we had returned the U-Haul to its home, we came home and took the rest of the day off. Joshua is recovering from a nasty cold, and I feel like I might now be coming down with it (<sigh>), so we needed that. Forget the boxes and bags and stuff everywhere. Let’s take a nap.

Late in the afternoon, as we were relaxing in our new family room, preparing to get dressed up for the surprise, Twenties-themed birthday party we were going to that night, Joshua lounging on the couch in his T-shirt and boxer shorts (TMI?), an old man in jeans, white T-shirt, and red suspenders peered into our window.

Not from across the street.


This man walked through and into our backyard, and looked pryingly into our window, face to the glass. He had to walk around the three HUGE privacy bushes someone planted next to our back door. And when we looked up, startled, and…waved? He didn’t even smile or wave back. He walked away. Across our grass.

It was odd. And a little creepy. And we definitely need blinds.


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