some thoughts on our neighborhood & house

Where have I been?! I didn’t realize how time-consuming owning a home and moving in would be. We still have boxes in our front room. :-/ There are still loose ends to be tied up. But we’re doing things as quickly and efficiently as we can, and soon enough, things will be back to the new normal.

Anyway, I thought I might give you a glimpse of life for the past few weeks. Things that have happened, or that I’ve noticed just living here.

It turns out that the creepy old man who looked into our windows that time actually lives in the neighborhood with his wife, and has Alzheimer’s. Somehow doesn’t seem so creepy anymore.

There is a tall man with a big frame who walks around the neighborhood (it’s a circle – the street name is actually Circle, not Lane or Drive). He walks around it all day. At least, it feels that way. When I’m in any room that has windows onto the street, I can see him pass, and pass again, and pass again…over and over and over. What in the world!? How can a man spend his time walking all day?

Our master bathroom faucet broke. One of the very first days we were here, I used it to wash my face in the morning, and it wouldn’t turn off. (!) That’s a bit of a panic moment. We ended up turning the water off completely at the sink, and didn’t use it for over a week. Thank goodness we have other bathrooms and faucets now! Then, at long last, we replaced it, instead of just fixing it, with a cool new mod faucet that I love. Joshua picked it out himself. 🙂

Last night, the neighbors across the street came over, met us, and gave us a freshly-baked apple cake! I almost fell over. At our apartment, we never even really saw any neighbors, let alone met them! I hope it’s relatively easy to get to know these sweet neighbors better.

We had our entire family (minus two, who were sick) over for dinner one evening. YES. We finally have the space to feed and seat fourteen people at the same time!! It was so great, and so simple, we told each other we must do it again sometime.

Living a mere four minutes away from my sister and her growing family, Joshua and Gregory (Morgan’s husband) have seized the opportunity to get together on Friday mornings to pray. That’s a blessing!

We were out walking one day and saw a woman walking her dog with a full head of curlers. I didn’t know people did that. In public. For real.

Joshua has figured out a way, winding around on back roads, to get to work in 14 minutes. Previously, he sat on Independence Boulevard for 25 minutes – not cool.

Bottom line: we love this new house. We love making it home. We want you to come visit us. 🙂

If you’re interested in our thoughts on homeowning, check out Episode #5 of our awesome podcast – Joshua was a special guest, and we talked about buying and owning a home!


One thought on “some thoughts on our neighborhood & house

  1. I’d love to see a picture of that dog with curlers, I put curlers in my hair just after school once in preparation for an evening performance people couldn’t believe it, the fact the curlers were pink and heated was just expected 🙂 lol.
    Ps wishing you much happiness in your new home, I go back to University this weekend, very excited new flat share yay!

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