the fault in our focus

On Wednesdays, not only do I record a podcast with my sister Mary, I also do a short podcast with my husband. He runs The Mideast Update, a news blog/website about how events in the Middle East impact our lives. It’s cool. You should check it out.

Anyway, when Joshua and I do our podcast together, we talk about pertinent political stuff and questions that arise from current events. Any of you who know me personally will be laughing right now, because I know absolutely zero about politics or news. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Interesting that I married a guy so immersed in all of that…

The reason the podcast works, even though I’m a political doofus, is that I do have some common sense and I do know about human nature and ethics. So if we can compare President Obama’s leadership of this country to a husband/father’s leadership of his home – I’m there. I can work with that.

This morning’s podcast (which is a mere 11 minutes, and you should totally listen to it AND all the others we’ve recorded in the past few weeks) brought up the fact that Americans have a problem uniting. Isn’t that funny? The UNITED States of America have problems uniting. But we do. And I think that’s because we’re all too focused on where we differ, as opposed to where we agree.

If we want to do anything about the current situation, we’re going to need to do it together. Emphasis on DO.

Here’s some inspiration.


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