peste! part the second

I would hate for you never to want to come over here.

But I think full disclosure is necessary.

Remember the frogs? The Plague of Frogs taking place in our little house?

Well, now we have flies.

Exodus 8 says the houses of the Egyptians were filled with swarms of flies, and I can tell you that that is what is happening in The Aviary right now (did I mention we named our new home The Aviary? we did).

In the past 15 minutes alone, I have killed 34 flies. Armed with a simple Crate & Barrel catalog and a roll of toilet paper (to pick up the dead flies – no need to waste expensive tissues), I have personally swatted down 34 flies. RIP, flies.

I would like to know how they’re getting in, or how the one or two flies that drifted in during some of our grilling fetes this summer multiplied into almost 3 dozen flies.

There are still more. I can see two or three from my seat. But there aren’t as many as there were.

Still. It’s kind of gross. Does anyone have great methods for killing of flies completely? We’re not talking about fruit flies, here – I know the apple cider vinegar dish soap trick. Wait. Does that work for real flies, too?!


2 thoughts on “peste! part the second

  1. Sweet Grand daughter, the flies are probably hatching in your house somewhere. Keep killing them. Get a swatter, it’s the best way. Of course make sure there is no holes in screens, open windows etc. The colder weather drives them inside as it will also mice. What, noone told you this about home ownership?

    Love from your grandfather.

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