in the history of breaking

The flies are officially gone!! Together, we killed almost 75 flies. That’s a lot of flies. But BARUCH HASHEM (praise the L-rd), we are now fly-free. I am so relieved. I also haven’t seen any frogs lately, although that live one did show up again, but that was several days ago. I have high hopes that he has since died.

For the present, things are quiet on the home front. We also have yet to meet the Strawberry Baby (and by that I mean that my sister Morgan has not yet given birth to her second daughter, who simply refuses to come out).

This being the case, I decided to respond to my friend Rivkah‘s challenge to write a quick story on the breaking of the only bone in my body I have ever broken – my thumb. I have the audacity to believe that my bone-breaking story tops hers. In stupidity, at least.

So here we go. For those of you who already know the story (i.e., my family), you have my permission to stop reading now. No hard feelings.

This happened a long time ago. I was small. 10? 8? Something like that.

My siblings and I were having an afternoon snack of homemade cookies. Probably chocolate chip. My mom is amazing like that. We kept them in a long, flat tupperware with a turquoise top.

When snacktime was over, both Morgan and I (her being the bossy oldest, me being the power-hungry second-born) wanted to replace the tupperware top. We both wanted to close the cookie container. This started a round of good-natured wrestling for said top.

The TOP, mind you. Not any of the actual cookies.

At some point, Julianna the Downtrodden was on the floor, holding Morgan the Powerful by the leg, just around the knee joint. I guess it must have tickled or something, because Morgan the Powerful’s leg suddenly bent and down she came, but unfortunately, Julianna the Downtrodden’s thumb was in the joint (vertically).

There was a loud SNAP.

Morgan quickly popped back up and we both surveyed my thumb in shock. It looked perfectly fine up to the knuckle, but after that, it veered off drunkenly to the left. Not good. I don’t think I was crying yet. Still in shock.

We ran off to find our mom, who is very calm and capable. She recognized immediately what had happened, iced up the thumb, and then gently tapped it to return it to its normal position. This worked – it was straight up and down again, but now my thumb was swelling like a baseball.

Maybe ‘baseball’ is too much of an exaggeration. More like a breakfast sausage.

We did end up at the place in the hospital where they fix broken bones, wherever that is, and I had my first X-ray and my first cast. It was blue, and wrapped around my thumb and lower palm and all the way down to my elbow. It was on for a few weeks and, because I broke my right thumb, I couldn’t write anything or play the recorder (I was learning at the time).

I vividly remember the removal of the cast with the special saw that cuts through cast and not through skin – I STILL don’t understand how that works. It’s probably the Eighth Wonder of the World.

And so ends the history of the Breaking of My Thumb. It remains the only bone I’ve ever broken, and we’re hoping to keep things that way. 🙂


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